Welcome to the heart - and HEART - of Hollywood!

In 1982, I moved to Los Angeles.  Like so many others, I had grown up fascinated by classic cinema, and I came west to find work in the entertainment industry.  Naturally, when I moved here there was only one place I wanted to be: Hollywood.

But the Hollywood of the movies was not the place I moved to in 1982.  I lived near the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, which was closed at the time, and there was an overall lack of investment in the area.  The historic bones of the past, like the Chinese Theatre, were there, but not much was happening within them.

In the 37 years since I first arrived, Hollywood has come a long way.  With the establishment and growth of institutions like the Hollywood Partnership; the construction of catalytic developments around Highland Avenue and Vine Street; a focus on more housing, particularly around transit; the advocacy of organizations like the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Heritage, Hollywood Arts Council, and others; and the resurgence of entertainment companies moving to the area, Hollywood has improved dramatically since the 1980s.

We’ve made so much progress.  But, with housing being built and more people living in Hollywood than ever before, we still need to achieve a grander vision for Hollywood Boulevard, and activate the historic core in a way that serves the neighborhood.

Friends, this is the HEART of Hollywood initiative.

With kind regards,

Councilmember, 13th District