VIEW: Walk of Fame Master Plan - 50% Schematic Design Progress - November 2020 (PDF)
VIEW: Walk of Fame Master Plan - 50% Schematic Design Progress - Community Presentation (VIDEO)
VIEW: Walk of Fame Master Plan - Concept Plan - January 2020 (PDF)
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What is the objective of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Master Plan?
The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a Historic-Cultural Monument that is the “Main Street” of the Hollywood community, while also attracting millions of visitors per year.  It is located on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, 1.3 miles east to west, from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue; and on Vine Street, 0.4 miles north to south, between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard. However, sidewalks are often congested, certain pieces of infrastructure are outdated, and the area lacks a cohesive, unifying design aesthetic.  The goal of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Master Plan is to move this iconic corridor forward into the 21st century, respecting its rich history, while establishing a holistic and long-lasting vision.

The Master Plan project envisions “a street for everyone,” particularly the residents and businesses that call this area home.  The project aims to create an inclusive space with wider sidewalks, additional shade trees, a mobility lane, and pedestrian safety enhancements.

What is the project’s current status?
In January 2020, the project completed concept design, and the concept plan has been available online at http://heartofhollywood.la since that time.  The project completed its second design phase, schematic design, in early 2021. A third design phase, design development, is expected to begin in fall 2021.

As design development begins, it is anticipated that a certain geographical section of the Walk of Fame will be identified as “Phase 1” targeted for design development (where specific improvements are mapped out), and eventual construction of those  planned improvements.  The completion of “Phase 1” will provide a roadmap for how the rest of the Master Plan can be implemented, in stages, over time.

Will there be impacts on traffic and parking?
The concept plan proposes roadway changes to Hollywood Blvd, including removing the parking lane between Gower Street and La Brea Avenue and reducing the street by one travel lane in each direction between Argyle Avenue and La Brea Avenue.  This space would then be dedicated to new features including wider sidewalks, shade trees, a mobility lane, and other potential amenities.  In the concept plan, Hollywood Blvd will remain a roadway, with one traffic lane in each direction, plus a center turn lane.  There is no proposed change to vehicular traffic on Vine Street in the concept plan.

Initial analysis of normal conditions on Hollywood Blvd show that the corridor has relatively low traffic volumes compared to the capacity of the street.  Therefore, the proposed change to the roadway is not anticipated to result in heavy impacts to vehicular circulation.  During schematic design, there will be more detailed study of any corresponding impacts to traffic, and the community will be kept informed and updated regarding the analysis.

The concept plan found that current on-street parking meters on the Walk of Fame represents only ~2% of the publicly available off-street parking found within one-block of the corridor.  Therefore, the proposed conversion of the parking lane into different use(s) is not expected to have a significant or detrimental effect on parking in the area.  The concept plan provides a detailed map and inventory of all the publicly available parking within one block of the Walk of Fame.

What is the budget for this project?
As this project is still in its early design phases, the total budget has not yet been determined.  It is anticipated that the total project cost will ultimately be on par with other large investments into shared public spaces in the City.  In recent years, similar efforts have been made to reimagine major corridors and destinations including Broadway and Figueroa Street.  Other cities in California, including Pasadena and San Francisco, have also made similar enhancements to streets and sidewalks; studies have found that these improvements have been wise investments in a variety of ways.

What funding has been allocated so far? 
The City began this effort with $4,082,572 (plus interest) in CRA/LA Excess Non-Housing Bond Proceeds (EBP) available from the Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area.  As of July 2020, this has funded various aspects of the project (including concept design and schematic design).  As work progresses on schematic design, additional resources are being sought from the county, state and federal levels, as potential grant opportunities exist to fund projects focused on active transportation, economic development, infrastructure, and more.  As the Master Plan continues to move forward, the City will continue to look for various ways to fund different segments of the project.

How do I provide feedback or get more information?
Please use this link to fill out the survey.  For all additional inquiries and comments, please contact Dan Halden, HEART of Hollywood director, at daniel.halden@lacity.org